Learning Coaching Basic Training 🇬🇧


In the basic learning coaching course, you can get a first impression of the work as a learning coach and gain an excellent foundation for resource-oriented and holistic work with learners.


As a Learning Coach, you support pupils, university students, and employees in companies to learn more effectively, successfully, and easily - whether in your own coaching practice or by integrating the new skills into your current job or gradually building a second career path.


This basic course is the first step into learning coaching, providing the attitude and basic models as well as initial methods that you can immediately implement. You can then complete it with the online version (from 2025 on) and receive a certificate "cert. learning coach".

Content of the basic training

Learning Coaching Fundamentals

  • Opportunities and Limitations of Learning Coaching: Understanding the scope and constraints of what learning coaching can achieve.
  • Phases of Holistic Learning Coaching: An overview of the comprehensive process of learning coaching from start to finish.
  • Using the Learning Success Puzzle (LSP): How the LSP model can be applied to facilitate effective learning strategies and identify areas for improvement.
  • Practical Implementation: Strategies for applying learning coaching techniques in real-world scenarios.


Neurobiology of Learning:

  • Neurobiological Principles for Successful Learning: Key insights into how the brain learns and processes information for effective learning.
  • Debunking Brain Myths: Addressing and correcting common misconceptions about the brain and learning.
  • Practical Implementation: Applying neurobiological knowledge to enhance learning coaching practices


Learning Strategies Part 1:

  • Multisensory Learning and Storage: Exploring how engaging multiple senses can improve the retention and recall of information.
  • Critical Examination of the Learning Types Model: Evaluating the validity and utility of categorizing learners into distinct types based on preferred sensory inputs.
  • Training Visualization Skills: Techniques for developing the ability to create vivid mental images as a tool for learning.
  • Systematic Development of Internal Visualization as a TOP Learning Strategy: Establishing internal visualization as a systematic and highly effective learning strategy.
  • Practical Implementation: How these strategies can be practically applied within the context of learning coaching to enhance learner outcomes.

How much time will it take?

  • This seminar is conducted exclusively online, meaning you communicate, work, and practice from home or any other place you happen to be.
  • On one hand, this offers great freedom for you, but on the other hand, it requires good time management, as participating casually on the side won't work.
  • You should consciously schedule and reserve the allocated, generously estimated time frame (about 2-3 hours/week) specifically for this seminar.
  • You have the right to a 30-minute live video call with your trainer to ask questions or discuss cases.
  • You can start at any time.

What is the exact procedure for participation?

  • You register through our service provider 'elopage'. 
  • Immediately after paying the participation fee, the doors to the virtual seminar house open. 
  • Your trainer will promptly contact you via email, as she will guide you through the seminar with feedback, information, and support.
  • In the virtual seminarhouse, you will find all the materials, inputs, videos, podcasts, and assignments. 
  • You will work through the topics unit by unit using a variety of activities (assignments).


target group

coaches, teachers, educators, trainer, tutors, school psychologists, Occupational therapists, learning professionals ... (B2B course)



no requirements


participation confirmation

every participant will receive a participation confirmation


it is required to do all the a:ctivities



299€ special offer until 31.12.24

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regular: 425€ 
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your trainer

Iris Komarek

Sociologist, cert. learning coaching trainer, cert. NLP-trainer, cert. business-trainer, cert. online-trainer, learning facilitator


has certified more than 1000 learning coaches


training and coaching experience since 2000


author of books about learning strategies translated in several languages (netherlands, italy, china)


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opening: May 2024


you can start at any time from May 2024 on